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  • Marc Watts Portrait Shot

    Marc Watts

    Systems Architect

    Marc loves to code and architect large systems. He is experienced in over 40 programming languages and thinking up new systems, dreaming about those systems and then writing them before breakfast is not uncommon.

    Marc has been writing web development code since 1998 when the internet was nothing more than a few geeks on IRC chats and a 33.6kbps modem connection. He has also been involved with 3d animations, movie script writing and even a National Quarter Finalised of the Blockbuster video game champions all the way back in the days when Blockbuster Video was a household name.

    In Marc's spare time, he loves wrestling with his two kids and putting a smile on their faces with their unique games such as pillow jumps, arm block and can't get my leg!

  • Bjorn DeLima Portrait Shot

    Bjorn DeLima

    Lead Developer

    Bjorn is a Web Designer and Programmer with more than 10 years experience designing, building and managing systems. His main skills are in CSS/HTML/SQL/Javscript and of course our favourite language, PHP. He's been part of our company since our first inception and seen the growth of all our systems with a deep understanding of the architecture.

    Not only is Bjorn passionate about programming, he also ventures into UX, UI and Print Design. An amazing person that can switch from a logical programming mind to a creative designer in seconds bringing the both worlds together.

    Outside of work, Bjorn spends most of his time between amateur photography and cycling - hopefully not at the same time.

  • Alberto Tayco Portrait Shot

    Alberto Tayco

    Lead Programmer

    Alberto is our newest team member and has over 10 years of experience leading web development teams in multiple successful projects.

    From setting up servers, memory management, AWS instances to working on systems such as Magento, Concrete 5 and Laravel, Alberto has experienced it all. His passion for best practices and integrating the best systems has helped us develop our own systems in a better way. Hi amazing use of Api's and custom made tools puts Alberto at the top of his game.

    Alberto also loves to spend time with his family and enjoy the Melbourne lifestyle.

  • Erfan Nourozi Portrait Shot

    Erfan Nourozi

    Lead Designer and
    Ux Specialist

    Erfan is our favourite Kiwi import who has a passion for good design and loves all things digital. He's always trying to keep up with the latest advancements in software, design and tools to help create better designs and improve his workflow. He is well versed in print design but these days is mostly focused on design for the software we create including the love of good UX. With a good business acumen, he understands that good design not only looks great, but can clearly communicate a message and help people find the information they are seeking!

    He enjoys using his skills gained over 10 years experience to help clients achieve their goals and put a smile on their face.

    Being a big foodie, he loves discovering new eat spots and playing some tennis or soccer to burn it all off.

  • Nicole Saunders Portrait Shot

    Nicole Saunders

    Testing Manager

    Nicole has been with the company since the office was nothing but a small room in Camberwell with two chairs and a table. Her love of client management and ensuring systems works well has given Nicole a platform to find anything that could go wrong.

    Loves loves to test systems and ensure they work based on how a client would use them. Her ability to put herself in clients shoes means she can bring that second perspective to everything we do.

    Nicole also has a fond passion for cake decorating and when she's not busy in the office she is in the kitchen creating masterful cakes. A love for travelling the country and discovering new places is also up at the top of her priorities.

  • Satish Patel Portrait Shot

    Satish Patel


    Satish can juggle coding tasks like no other with multiple sprint sessions a day pushing code out with lightning speed. His talents with PHP as his language of choice is unpallel to many that try.

    Satish has been involved with the Crystal Infinite system right from the beginning and was our main developer to work on our headless website system. Many large ecommerce sites utilise this amazing system with the Magento 1 platform as the backend and Satish has been our core developer creating a frontend experience that was more sophisticated than what was possible with Magento.

    Satish loves to spend time with his family and friends.

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